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A little background


I am married to Peg Murphy and we have both experienced long careers as licensed psychologists providing therapy. We have children, their life partners and grandchildren who are important in our lives along with close friends and family.

My education is from Drexel University: B.S., Temple University: M.Ed., Temple University: C.A.G.S. (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study), and Temple University: Ph.D.

I am a member of the American Psychological Association.


As a therapist, I continue to learn and grow, which is an essential part being helpful in the important work of therapy. I am inspired as clients find the courage to learn to deal with their struggles and change their lives for the better.


I believe in life long learning for fun, connecting to meaningful activities and relationships, and getting unstuck.

Some of the things I enjoy are music, exercise, sports and meditative practices.

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Therapy is

Therapy is a collaborative relationship, in a safe space, aimed at opening up possibilities and choices for overcoming struggles, healing, improving relationships and life satisfaction.

Therapy and You

There are many ways to approach creating a better life. Therapy is tailored to your individual situation, personality, issues and goals. Working collaboratively with honesty and respect, we can navigate a pathway to remove obstacles, get unstuck, help relieve symptoms and make progress on goals. 

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