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How Therapy Begins

Psychotherapy begins with talking together about your reasons for choosing to start therapy. For the the first 2-3 meetings, I am getting acquainted with you, your concerns, goals and life situation. I need to understand your perspective on your issues, when any difficulties began, what may be helping already and what you have tried that did not work well. 

I will ask questions and listen well and I will do my best to answer all of your questions.


After a few meetings, we decide what goals and issues to focus on first. We want to approach therapy in a way that is both manageable and also making a positive difference in your life. There are many ways in therapy to help with life changes and I will use my training and experience to guide us.


If we are going to meet through teletherapy, we use video conferencing that protects your privacy and does not make recordings. You need a good connection from your cell phone, computer or smart tablet so that our talking together is as similar as talking face to face as possible. I will be in a private room and you will need to have a private space that you can speak freely from.


For either an in-person or teletherapy visit, we go over two forms that explain therapy and confidentiality. We make time to go over any questions you may have.

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