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Teletherapy in Pennsylvania

Teletherapy can be an effective way to approach your therapy issues and goals. By eliminating travel time, it makes treatment more convenient to your life. Some clients find it more comfortable to work in therapy from their own private space.


For teletherapy to be effective, it requires the same level of attention, honesty and client-therapist teamwork that needs to be there for in-person therapy. As the therapist, I experience working with clients through teletherapy with the same level of attention and connection as in-person. As a client, it may take a brief time to adjust to virtual therapy.


For some clients who may be starting therapy while they are experiencing a high level of personal crisis, it may be more helpful to begin therapy in-person (and possibly with a therapist who is part of a multi-disciplinary practice).


We use video conferencing that protects your privacy (HIPAA compliant) and it does not make recordings. You need a good connection from your cell phone, computer or smart tablet so that our talking together is similar to talking face to face. I will be in a private room and you will need to have a private space where you can speak freely.


Clients can benefit from a combination of in-person and teletherapy. There may be times when in-person appointments become difficult to attend due to life circumstances. The option of teletherapy allows for continuity of treatment.


For clients who prefer teletherapy, with an option for in-person visits, you may choose the therapist who is a good fit for you, even if there is a bit more travel time. I am located in Montgomery County. I am also accessible to Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County and Chester County.

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